JNAP Plant Tour

Members, join us on Wednesday July 12th from 6:30pm – 9pm for an exciting tour of the Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP); Home of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, SRT Grand Cherokee, SRT TrackHawk Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango and the SRT Dodge Durango. This event has been a huge success in the past and this year we’re making it an evening event to accommodate the 2nd shift.

Most of us have been to the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, home of the Viper, but this will be a totally different experience. Conner Avenue is hand building 3 Vipers a day. JNAP is a 3 million sq. ft. facility with more than 700 automated robots and over 4,000 employees turning out over 1,300 vehicles a day. The plant is too large for a walking tour so we’ll be on tour carts that have a capacity for 11 members. Register early as there will only be two tours with a maximum capacity of 22 members who can take the plant tour.

Members who are familiar with manufacturing plants are welcome to come display their Viper but not take the plant tour. Our Vipers will be parked in the Atrium inside the plant where we’ll mingle with plant workers. The Atrium is located in the body shop and some robotics operations can be viewed from this location. Plant tours will take about 45 minute each.

Everyone will need to be at the plant by 6:15pm. At 6:30pm we’ll be escorted in together and park the cars in the Atrium. Detailed maps will be provided prior to the event.

Cost for this event will be $10.00 per person which will include sub sandwiches, pizza, snacks and soda/water.

We will need your email address, cell phone number, and Viper year, Model, Plate #, for FCA security.

When registering, please indicate “Yes” or “No” for the plant tour.
18 and older only and no open toe shoes, or high heels. Long pants are required.

Concours At St John’s

Due to the strong response of our earlier request for a show of interest, MCVO has organized a Viper/Cobra Parking Corral (with the Great Leakes Cobra Club) in the reserved area at the St. Johns Concours on July 30th.

The benefits of this include:

  • Escorted parade onto the grounds
  • Discounted admission tickets
  • Free parking in Corral (MCVO is covering your cost)
  • Courtesy golf carts for “free” rides throughout the property
  • Reservations for 12 PM lunch at the Burger Loft in the club
  • Hangout with friends

This year Ralph Gilles (Head of Design, FCA Global) is being honored by the Concours as 2017 Enthusiast of the Year.  A large turnout is expected, considering he is local.  Carroll Shelby cars, including the Viper and Cobra, are being featured at the show.

We will meet at the CVS at 5 Mile and Shelton by 8:30 AM.  At 9 AM, we’ll be escorted to our parking corral.